“Another fine GemWay Production!”

We are rather proud of ourselves when we manage to pull off a really good meal.  More often than not we are able to and now, with fewer calories!  Our goal is to accomplish that without giving up flavor and our enjoyment of it.

Our goal with this blog is to share that and encourage everyone that you don’t have to eat processed food and be suckered into eating things you think are healthy but in actuality are not.  And you don’t have to sacrifice eating what you love.

We are, Gem and Way,  forty-somethings trying our hardest to enjoy life and have fun.  We have a blast together with most of what we do but cooking is really enjoyable to us and mostly what this blog will centered around.

Fair warning, tangents are in our nature, we’ll try to keep it to a minimum but no promises.  If we find it interesting and under the umbrella of “pleasures” then we’ll probably have no hesitation in sharing it.

We will talk about things that we feel are important in a serious sense when we are moved to although we’ll leave politics out of it if we can possibly manage it.  The environment, healthy food, society and culture, art and literature will probably all eventually be touched on.

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