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Let the wild ruckus start!

Well, it’s true: Way does in fact exist outside of Gem’s pretty little head. Of course anyone who knows her wouldn’t be at all surprised at her constructing auxiliary personalities. But thank you, Gem, for kicking this off. I shall endeavor to contribute my thoughts, inane though they may be.

I have had a wonderful time learning to cook over the last several months with Gem. But it’s created a vexing paradox: at the same time I’ve been eating better than I ever have, I’ve also added about 10 pounds and have been feeling much less energetic. Granted, I’ve been getting less exercise, but still I’d expect that better overall nutrition would be making me feel stronger. Perhaps it’s not that simple, as Dr. D’Adamo’s book implies. The jury’s out on whether the guy has inhaled too many tofu fumes but I am anxious to try a strict diet appropriate for my blood type for 2 weeks and see what happens. It’s unfortunate that the person who would most benefit, potentially, from such a diet is also the most resistant to the idea. ┬áThe upshot most likely will be that GemWay will be much busier in the kitchen, preparing meals for Type As and Os. Damn, how I wish I were an O! Oh wOe is me! I’m gonna write that doc and see about getting my blood changed. He probably gets that a lot.