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Vegan Baking Substitutes, Egg and Dairy Free Vegan Desserts

Vegan Baking Substitutes, Egg and Dairy Free Vegan Desserts.

This is one of the resources that Way(ne) found that should really help us.  Many of the things we love to cook have dairy but with this kind of information, trying substitutes is much easier.


The Chia Ex’seed’ed All Expectations | Healthy Chow

The Chia Ex’seed’ed All Expectations | Healthy Chow.

This is just the type of information we hope to run across as we surf the internet, looking for healthy ways to cook those things we love.  Today it was trying to find a healthy pancake recipe using oat flour.

Nicole’s site is terrific and I know we’ll be trying a bunch of her recipes.


Kristin Wartman: Our Deadly, Daily Chemical Cocktail

Kristin Wartman: Our Deadly, Daily Chemical Cocktail.

Information like this, which is more and more in the main stream news, is why we have tried our best to cut out as much processed food as we can.  We have managed pretty well so far.

Almost everything you might want to eat or need for a recipe has a real food, healthy alternative source.  We DO NOT have to eat processed chemical soups if we don’t want to!  The effort is relatively small and as this article shows, well worth it.