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Vegan Baking Substitutes, Egg and Dairy Free Vegan Desserts

Vegan Baking Substitutes, Egg and Dairy Free Vegan Desserts.

This is one of the resources that Way(ne) found that should really help us.  Many of the things we love to cook have dairy but with this kind of information, trying substitutes is much easier.

The slow replacement …

It’s been a few weeks since we decided to start to follow the Eat Right For Your Type philosophy.   We confirmed that I am type A,  A Negative to be exact.  Way(ne) is A Positive.  Seems the main type is what’s important.

We have yet to totally give up beef but we have only eaten it 3 times in the past two weeks.  We have begun using turkey as a substitute.  Ground for meat loaf and we tried Trader Joe’s frozen Turkey Meatballs.   We also tried ground chicken for the first time in a Gyro recipe but the texture was …. strange.

I promise to update this with links to the  dishes mentioned here asap 🙂

We have almost totally cut out dairy.  Way(ne) has substituted coffee with milk and sugar for tea and honey.  He is very glad he did since tea’s come in such variety and I drink it too whereas I never drank coffee.   We still have eaten a bit of cheese but not nearly as much as we had before.  Don’t think I’m going to totally give up my pizza’s!  Most of the baking or anything requiring milk we substituted Soy Milk and I could tell no difference at all.  Even in sauces.

We still use butter .. this is going to be tough for me.  I am very torn on the issues surrounding the use of Palm Oil so I will be looking for butter substitutes that do not contain it.  I most likely will have a tough time using anything with Palm Oil if I see it on the ingredients list.  And we do read them all.

White flour has been cut down a great deal. Way(ne) loves to bake so has been using whole wheat flour, oat flour and flax meal. He made some Chocolate Chip Cookies that were to die for!  We highly recommend using oat flour in cookies as the flavor is slightly nutty, we think it adds a taste like peanut butter.  We generally only eat whole wheat breads and pasta.

As mentioned before, our biggest challenge is the fact that my Mom is type O and a big meat lover.  We will still have to make dishes with beef, such as stir fries and cook her beef separate.  We purchased a smaller wok pan to make that easy.  We’ll have tofu in those instances.  She loves chicken so she’ll eat that with us.  Turkey on the other hand, as a beef substitute, she is not impressed with so far.  She did not like Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs and while she liked the meatloaf, she prefers beef.   We will still use ground turkey, at least for us.

She has been trying to help by bringing us magazines with healthy recipes using the ingredients she knows we want to.   At least she is trying to be open!

Generally speaking, everything we’ve made the past two weeks has been great.  We have done well keeping within the type guidelines and doing better all the time.  We still share a big burritos now and then but make good choices when we do.


We’re going Vegan for a week!

That’s right, we’ve decided to try a totally vegan diet for at least a week.   We’ve been eating pretty healthy over the past year, no junk food, very little processed food, organic whenever possible, non GMO, grass-fed beef and free range chicken.  We’ve lately tried to be much more conscious of the calories we eat every day and while that’s great, all this has not had enough of a positive effect on how we feel.

So why now?  Well I was visiting one of my favorite blogs (www.raptitude.com) yesterday and read all the latest posts which included one of David’s experiments:    What I Discovered When I Went Vegan for 30 Days

Reading this was like a big light going off over my head, it made sense, his approach was realistic and easy-going (just my style) and the results so immediate and exactly what we are looking for that I thought why not?  Worth a try certainly!

I pondered this for a little while then told Way about it.  He admitted considering it before but hadn’t for many of the reason’s David put it off for so long.   So he agreed to read the post and when he was done, his exact words were “I’m in baby”!

So basically going Vegan means, no animal foods which for most people means, no meat, no dairy.   Knowing that many foods have animal based ingredients in them, we decided that we best take an inventory of what we had to eat  in our pantry before we could begin.  We were pleasantly surprised to find very few things that we couldn’t eat on a vegan diet.  There are still a few ingredients that I am not sure about but I have a handy app on my android phone that will tell me all that information.     We don’t plan to be militant about it.  If we eat something we didn’t know was dairy or animal, oops.  We will just do our best and we figure that even if we only manage 90 or 95%, that’s got to have a great benefit and I will be very happy with that.

We will be doing some research and gathering some resources and will post them in the links section and/or in this diary section as we progress to our vegan week.  I won’t waste food so nothing we currently have will be thrown out but used and we will add more vegan products as we go.  I anticipate that we will probably have a week of 50% vegan then another week at 80% before we go full-time.   I know many vegans say it’s all or none but we are not interested in labels or in unrealistic attitudes when faced with the few challenges that we have to work around.   I’ll write more about those in future posts as we deal with them.

Suggestions, links, resources, recipes and anything else that might be helpful to us will be greatly appreciated.