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Eat Right For Your Type

Last diary post we talked about going vegan for a week to try it. I mentioned that we had some challenges that we knew would make it difficult to do, namely another person in the house. This person, we’ll call Mom, is not too picky but is indeed … picky and a diabetic and over-weight. We love Mom and are trying to our best to feed her the best food we can BUT she has to have meat, beef and chicken and pork and dairy.

So while we know that we (Way and I) would benefit and not have too much trouble going mostly vegan, my Momma won’t. The fact that she is diabetic needs to be considered in what she should eat but her weight tells us that she is eating too much of the wrong stuff.

Needless to say we felt research was in order and in the process came to read a book recommended to Way by an old family friend whom it has worked well for. Eat Right For Your Type.

Basically the idea is that your blood type and therefore genetic profile based on and connected with where our ancestors were from and what their diet was. You eat based on how foods interact with your blood and body type and avoid what isn’t beneficial to you. Some have called it quackery but sure seems logical to us and based on clear scientific facts if not huge studies.

You can find out all about it here: http://www.dadamo.com/

These guidelines, if they work, will solve many of our issues as most of the foods that are beneficial to Way and I (Type A) is also beneficial to my Mom (Type O) so planning meals should be much easier. We can’t have (and don’t want) beef but Mom does, needs it in fact if lean! Chicken is ok, turkey beneficial, lots of fish, no pork, nothing with nitrates. As I mentioned before, we have already completely cut out processed food but we will severely curtail dairy and be better about choosing grains, especially for my Mom.

Vegan still may be in our future but for now we really have to choose what will work for us. The information in the book sure is fascinating and while it seems a bit complicated at the moment, we’ll get a handle on it pretty fast I think.

Way has read much more about it and can answer more specific questions. ¬† I’ll make him add his two cents to this *soon* I hope.