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So Way says I make the best Pizza ever 🙂   Not sure if that’s true but we sure enjoy it.   We are planning on doing a vegan week soon so we are busy eating everything that falls under the meat and dairy umbrella in our home.   What better way of using Mozzarella than Pizza right?


Pizza Ingredients

There is no set amounts that I do for this pizza and sometimes I do minor variations depending on what we have in the house and what flavors we are in the mood for.

These are listed as I add them to the pizza:
Pizza crust, I like Boboli but there are plenty out there or make your own!
Pizza sauce, we use very little since it causes heartburn for some.
1 clove finely chopped garlic
Fresh Basil, I use about 12 – 16 large leaves, chopped or torn
Shallots, sliced and broken up into rings, usually I use 2 – 3
Mozzarella cheese, the fresher and fancier the better, this time I used Safeway brand and it’s pretty good and very inexpensive.
Mild Italian Sausage, fried in small pieces until brown
Pepperoni, about 8 – 12 small slices

I sprinkle a little bit more cheese on top along with a few more rounds of shallots and bake at 450 for about 13 – 15 minutes or until cheese on top is getting golden and bubbly.


Finished Pizza

Sorry I forgot to take the picture after it came out of the oven, I was hungry and it smelled too good 🙂