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Welcome to the GemWay way!

Inspired by our growing love of cooking tasty dishes and the struggle to make said tasty dishes and keep the calories low!

We had long talked about sharing our journey from cooking and eating as most of America does, namely processed food and simple dishes, to really challenging ourselves and cooking basically whatever we wanted to eat.  We haven’t much let complicated steps and techniques hold us back, we just learned as we went and were having so much fun doing it, we thought we should encourage more people to do the same!  We were saving money, eating real, healthy food albeit at times way too high in calories and we realized that we really weren’t spending that much more time in the whole process.  At least some of the time anyway.

The whole process probably wouldn’t have been as easy even 5 years ago.  The amount of information on the web now available is amazing.  Pretty much anything we wanted to learn is available.   We’ll share all that we find and have found, the first of which is http://allrecipes.com/.  We used search terms like “best” and “ultimate” and “fabulous” and boy have some  of them been just that!  We are now starting to post some of our recipes there as well as here and will make the appropriate links when we have done.

On a personal note, I am by no means an expert in anything, let alone writing or blogging or cooking for that matter.  That’s my position and I’m sticking to it …..